Date 95 03 14

From	Dave Shmyr

To	All Business Services Sales/Sales Support Personnel
	All Carrier Services Sales/Sales Support Personnel

	RE: High Usage Applications and Centrex Voice Service

This notice has been issued to advise of potential Centrex voice
tariff vilation concerns.  Please read it carefully, and follow
the direction provided.  Managers are asked to forward this notice
to their staff, with supporting comments as necessary.  This 
document is intended for internal use only.

With the recent emergence of Internet applications, the number of
Internet Service Providers (ISP) is increasing quickly.  These
ISPs are looking for low cost access facilities to connect to 
their services.

ISP customers are generally residential telephone service customers
who utilize varying types of data modems to access ISP applications.
Connection times to these applications can be long, and the ISP
access facilities are often in near constant use.

We are also aware of other high-usage, non-Internet applications
for which Centrex as an access vehicle is being utilized.

When Centrex service is used as acess, these types of applications
can cause degraded serviced for both the high usage customer and
other customers located in the same geographical area, especially
within the city of Calgary.  We are aware of at least one ISP with
usage that exceeds 50 minutes per hour who is experiencing problems
and is causing problems for all other customers in the Mount Royal
exchange area.

There may be anywhere from 10 to 30 other high usage Centrex customers
who are, or perhaps will be, causing network problems for themselves
and other Centrex customers.  It is believed that mos of these customers
are operating bulletin board (data) applications, using Centrex service
as the access vehicle.

Centrex is not designed to support applications which exceed use
of the service by more than 10 minutes per hour.  In fact, the
Centrex tariff has a clause which restricts use of the service to
a maximum of 5.6 CCS per line during the customer busy hour.  This
limit translates into a maximum use of 9.3 minutes per hour.  The
majority of all customers are using the Centrex network at less
than this limit, so the network has been designed and priced

Centrex voice service is NOT an access service and it is NOT an 
access solution for Internet applications, or for any non-Internet
applications which exhibit long holding times.  It is a "network
bundled" service that emulates the operation of key and PABX
solutions which use Basic Exchange as the access medium.  "Network
bundled" means a combination of the access facility, the switching
hardware and software, and the software that provides the PABX-like
functionality.  Bundled Centrex service has a price tag that is
lower than Basic Exchange because that is the only way Centrex can
be cost competitive with Key and PABX applications.  It is NOT a
lower cost alternative to Basic Exchange access, or to any other
access service (especially data access services such as Dataline).

We must ensure that this situation does not become worse than it
already is; therefore, Centrex must NOT be proposed as an access
service for Internet Service Providers, or for any other high
usage applications (especially high speed data).

If you have any questions, or wish to discuss this issue further,
please contact either Dave Shmyr (Centrex Product Management) at
493-4032 or Bill Turner (Business Services Sales) at 530-7390.

Dave Shmyr
Product Manager Centrex Service
Product and Service Management

cc:	B. Turner
	J. Nakaska
	G. Tweddell
	R. Pederson
	R. Evans
	F. Alber
	B. McCaskill
	H. Cirankewitch
	K. Kerr
	H. Turbak

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