CRTC Approves High Usage Centrex Tariff!!

Customers may now be offered an additional access service choice!  The
CRTC has approved AGT's application to permit the use of Centrex voice
service, subject to some limitations, as an access medium for customers
whose applications encourage long call holding times.  The access service
is called High Usage Centres.

Service Description

High Usage Centrex Service is a switched, voice grade analog facility
alternative that customers may use as an access service for their bulletin
boards, Internet services, etc. (subject to limitations described within
this product news bulletin).  The service has been developed and priced
to accomodate customers whose average line usage, for ALL lines in the
customer group, is greater than 10 minutes during their busiest hour of
the day.  Normal Centrex operation is typically less than this.

High Usage Centrex service contains three main operational features, 
distinguishing it form either Dataline or Basic Exchange services, and
making it especially suitable for high usage data applications involving
large analog modem pools. (e.g. Internet access service, bulletin boards,
etc.).  Note that no guarantee of performance from a data perspective can
be given to the customer.  Customers will find value in the following 
bundled service features:

	Line Bypass

	In situations where High Usage Centrex Service lines are arranged
	in diaup rotary, any lines which are connected to malfunctioning
	terminal equipment (e.g. modems) will be skipped if calls are
	received on those lines.  These lines are deactivated, making them
	unavailable for receiving calls.  All other lines with proper
	functioning terminal equipment will operate normally.  This
	capability ensures maximum utilization of the customer's lines and
	a consistent response to callers (ring/no-answer conditions are

	Visual Line Monitoring

	With the addition of visual line monitoring terminal equipment (e.g.
	a 5209 with one or more add-ons), the operation of all High Usage
	Centrex Service lines can be monitored using the liquid crystal
	display status lamps.  The lamps will have three states, indicating
	three separate line conditions:

		Lamp is off - indicates that the line or the terminal
		equipment is malfunctioning

		Lamp is on (solid light) - indicates that a call is
		presently occurring on the line

		Lamp is on (flashing) - indicates that the line is
		functioning properly, waiting for a call

	This capability allows customers to visually inspect their line 
	operation at any time, and to deal immediately with lines that have
	an "off" condition.

	Even Call Distribution

	High Usage Centrex Service directs incoming calls to lines which 
	have been idle the longest.  This allows for more balanced use of
	the terminal equipment (modems, computer equipment, etc.), minimizing
	any possibility of overload on a single unit.

Pricing/S&E Codes

If desired by the customer, High Usage Centrex Service may be contracted
on a 1, 3 or 5 year term.  It is also available on a monthly basis.  Quantity
discounts are not available.  With the exception of host only support, all
other tariff condtions for standard Centrex lines apply to this High Usage

Since the tariff pricing is based on an average line usage cost (including
any normal use lines within the customer group), all lines in the customer
group, including supervisory lines, are subject to the tariff rates displayed
below.  The monthly ratges provide for the line bypass, line monitoring, and
call distribution capabilities but do not include any terminal equipment 
(e.g. line monitoring hardware which must be sourced by the customer).


CTX HIGH USE LINE RENT		$72.00			Standard Charges + T&C
CTX HIGH USE LINE 1 YR		$67.00			Standard Charges + T&C
CTX HIGH USE LINE 3 YR		$63.00			Standard Charges + T&C
CTX HIGH USE LINE 5 YR		$59.00			Standard Charges + T&C

Standard Charges refer to the normal multi-element charges that are applicable
on any Centrex line order (e.g. Data Processing charge, Office Connection
charge and Field Connection charge).  The T&C charge is required to establish
the Line Bypass and Line Monitoring Capabilities.  Typically it will be in the
neighborhood of $200.00, but could vary depending upon customer size.  To
determine the appropriate service charge for the establishment or modification
of these features, contact Centrex Technical Support at 530-3333.  If the 
customer does not require any of these features (e.g. simply wants high usage
lines in rotary), then a T&C charge is not applicable.  The total service
charge is the sum of the standard charges, the T&C for the Line Bypass/Line
Monitoring, and any other service charges as are applicable.