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AGT Planet, Access to the Internet !

AGT Ltd. has launched its newest service: AGT Planet ! Individuals and organizations can access the Internet through AGT's own specialized network using local phone numbers or dedicated links to AGT equipment. Through AGT Planet, vast amounts of information and entertainment can be yours, all available through an easy-to-use graphical interface. Now everyone can "surf the 'Net"!

What do I need to use AGT Planet?

The minimum requirement for everyone is a PC- or Macintosh-style computer, a modem and an existing phone line. A variety of Internet software packages are already available at retail computer stores throughout Alberta which will work with AGT Planet, and of course, many shareware packages also work. If you're unsure what packages can be used, ask us! Our service representatives will be happy to assist you. For individuals, phone 1-310-2255 from 7:30 A.M. to 8:00 P.M. Businesses can phone 1-800- 361-3311 during normal business hours. Please note: AGT will not provide users with software.

If you already own graphical or terminal software, you can automatically sign up for AGT Planet! Simply dial 1-800-218-2638 with your terminal package, 24 hours/day, or access the AGT Planet Registration page Once connected, just follow the prompts and menus. It's easy! Plenty of additional information is available regarding software, hardware and Frequently Asked Questions.

What does AGT Planet provide?

All users get the following services from AGT Planet:

Other service options include:

Is AGT Planet available in the City of Edmonton?

No. AGT Planet is available in the communities surrounding Edmonton which are in the EFRC (Extended Flat Rate Calling) area, such as Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort Saskatchewan and so forth. Customers of ED TEL would use the "EON" Internet Service being launched by ED TEL. Edmonton customers should phone 811 and enquire about the EON service.

Where will AGT Planet be available?

At service launch, AGT Planet will be available in the Edmonton EFRC, the City of Calgary and the Calgary EFRC.

What does AGT Planet cost ?

For individuals who wish to dial up the service using a modem and their existing phone lines, there are two packages:

Basic analog dial service - up to 28.8kbps

Enhanced analog dial service - up to 28.8kbps

A variety of pricing/packaging options exist for individuals, businesses and other organizations who want dial-up access at speeds higher than 28.8 kbps:

Single user digital dial service - 56/64kbps

Single user digital dial service - 128kbps

For organizations who wish to connect their LANs to the Internet, we offer:

Multi-user LAN interconnect dial service - 56/64kbps

Multi-user LAN interconnect dial service - 128kpbs

Multi-user LAN interconnect dedicated service - 56kbps

How will I be billed for AGT Planet?

Whether you're an individual or organization, AGT Planet charges will appear on your existing phone bill. If you don't have phone service with AGT, we can create a custom bill for you. Phone our Service Representatives or contact your AGT Business Sales representative for further details.

Important Notes:
AGT cannot guarantee access at 28.8 kbps over voice phone lines. Your actual connected speed may be slower than 28.8 kbps, depending on line conditions. A Centrex or ISDN line must be leased separately; charges mentioned above are for AGT Planet accounts only. Dedicated line connections must be leased separately; charges mentioned above are for AGT Planet accounts only. For more information please read the terms and conditions for AGT Planet service.

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