Director of Investigation and Research

		Competition Act

	The Market for Internet Services in Alberta

	Questions for Calgary Internet Service Providers

1. Please provide (i) a list of all companies currently providing Internet
services to end-users in the Calgary area at the present time; (ii) if known,
the date of entry for each company currently providing Internet services in
Calgary; and (iii) the identity of those who are likely to be providing such
services within the next 2 years (e.g. cable companies).

2. To what extent are on-line services (e.g. America On-Line, CompuServe,
Microsoft On-Line, Prodigy) actual or potential competitors to Internet service
providers in Calgary and how do their price/service packages compare with the
companies listed in 1(i) above?

3. Please describe in detail what is involved in becoming an Internet provider
in Calgary and include a detailed breakdown of the cost of entering this 
business as a new entrant.

4. With respect to Q.3, how long would it take for a new entrant to become
established in business?

5. For each of the firms owned or controlled by the individuals listed in the
Statutory Declaration please provide the following:

(a) the corporate name of the business;

(b) a copy of the company's current price list and service packages for
providing Internet services to end users;

(c) the size of each business (i.e. a measured by total revenue, # of 
accounts, # of telephone lines);

(d) the latest audited financial statement;

(e) the % of total cost accounted for by leasing Centrix Voice Service 
lines from AGT;

(f) a copy of the company's current contract(s) with AGT for access to 
AGT's network;

(g) a copy of all correspondence between the company and AGT regarding 
the provision of Internet services

6. With the announcement that cable companies intend to offer Internet services
over coax at speeds 500 to 1000 times faster than copper twisted pair, is it
likely that cable will have advantages over AGT and, if so, what would these be?

7. Will Internet Service Providers be able to access cable coax to sell their