Dateline: Calgary, May 1st, 1995

Competing Internet Service Providers in the Calgary, Alberta market have joined forces to combat a greater foe: The telephone company.

Representatives of six Calgary companies have sworn a Statutory Declaration asking the Director of Investigation and Research of the Bureau of Competition Policy to order an inquiry into the Telus Corporation (and subsidiaries AGT Ltd. and ED TEL) bid to supply Internet service.

Signatory to the Declaration are:

The Declaration, in brief, contends that entry by the local telephone monopoly would constitute abuse of dominant position as defined under the Competition Act.

It is hoped that an inquiry into the matter will result in an order prohibiting Telus Corporation and/or any subsidiary companies from entering into the business of supplying Internet services.

The Act provides for harsh penalties in the event that such an order is ignored.

For further information, please contact:

Jonathan Levine
c/o Canada Connect
    P.O. Box 2621 Station M
    Calgary, AB T2P 3C1
    vox: 403-777-2025
    fax: 403-777-2026

obFunPart (ob-ligatory, but also ob-viously now outdated):

If you'd like to track the FedEx package containing this complaint en route from Calgary to Hull, Quebec, check out the Federal Express Web Site, and search waybill number: 400-1314 4062