Telus continuing trial despite CRTC directive Back
(Source: The Calgary Herald -- Jan 29, 1998)

Telus Corp. is continuing its multimedia trial in Lake Bonavista despite a second directive from federal regulators to stop providing services in the Calgary suburb.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission told Telus in a letter earlier this week it has until Tuesday to prove it is complying with a condition of the trial, to provide digital multimedia services over telephone wires.

So far Telus has offered only regular cable television services.

The CRTC has given Telus two alternatives: either start providing the advanced services immediately, or stop the trial.

Telus spokesman Jeff Welke said Wednesday the phone company doesn't read the letter that way.

It is continuing the trial and writing a new letter to the commission once again explaining its difficulty in obtaining digital set-top boxes, essential to providing the advanced services.

CRTC spokesman Ted Woodhead said Wednesday the language of the first letter of Dec. 24 is "quite clear" and was simply reiterated in the latest letter of Jan. 27.

"Telus has seven days to provide evidence of compliance," he said.

If Telus fails to comply with this latest directive, the commission said it will initiate a hearing pursuant to section 12 of the federal Broadcasting Act.

Following such a hearing, the commission may decide on a mandatory order, which automatically becomes an order of the Federal Court or the Alberta Court of Queen's Bench, Woodhead said.