Telus Timeline Back
1997 TELUS given approval by the CRTC to commence multimedia service trials in Edmonton and Calgary.
1996 Canada's first Internet Yellow PagesTM service launched -
1996 The TELUS "master brand" introduced bringing products and companies under one unified identity. The ED TEL and AGT brands retired.
1995 Consumer Internet service launched.
1995 TELUS acquired ED TEL from the City of Edmonton for $467 million.
1994 Long distance telephone competition commenced in Alberta.
1992 North America's first digital cellular network launched.
1991 The Province of Alberta sold its remaining ownership interest in TELUS for $870 million.
1990 Edmonton Telephones Corporation (ED TEL) established as an arms-length subsidiary company of the City of Edmonton.
1990 TELUS Corporation established, following the reorganization of the Alberta Government Telephones Commission, becoming the parent company of AGT. The sale of TELUS shares marked the largest initial public offering in Canadian history up to this time, raising $896 million.
1986 Conventional competitive cellular phone service launched in Alberta.
1982 Canada's first cellular telephone system introduced to serve Alberta resource industries.
1980 Canada's first digital switching units incorporated in parts of the network.
1975 The world's then largest "Centrex" system installed for the Government of Alberta.
1969 The first "911" system in Canada introduced.
1967 The first touch-tone service in western Canada introduced.
1958 The Alberta Government Telephones Commission was established, ending direct government management of the provincial system.
1928 The first long distance call between Alberta and overseas.
1908 Automatic telephone equipment introduced.
1906 The Province of Alberta commenced operation of the provincial phone system after acquiring the Alberta assets of the Bell Telephone Company.
1904 The City of Edmonton purchased the Edmonton District Telephone Company.
1887 The first long distance call, between Edmonton and Battleford, Saskatchewan.
1885 Alberta's first telephone call, between Fort Edmonton and the St. Albert mission.