CRTC approves ten cent increase in local payphone rate

September 30, 1998, Telus, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Today, the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) approved a 10 cent increase in the rate for all local payphone calls in Alberta except the city of Edmonton, bringing the cost of a local call to 35 cents. The conversion of payphones to reflect this new rate will begin immediately, and should be completed in early 1999.

Right now, this increase only applies outside the city of Edmonton. TELUS is still awaiting a decision from the CRTC on whether the rate change will extend to Edmonton.

The increase will apply to all calls that are paid for using coins and the TELUS QuickChange Payphone Pass.

"It costs TELUS more to maintain an individual payphone than the revenue the current 25 cent rate provides - especially in low-traffic areas," said Dan Delaloye, vice president, Card, Operator and Payphone Services. "The innovation and convenience the TELUS service offers will only be enhanced as payphones become self-supporting."

TELUS is announcing this change as the entire Canadian payphone industry opens to competition.