Telus Censoring Customers and Employees!

(An article on the on-going Telus Strike and the hell management
is putting its very own customers and employees through lately...)

Date: Sunday, July 24, 2005

Published by: The Clone
Published for: Anyone who hates Telu$

It seems the Telus management has stooped to an all-time low -- is it even possible to get any lower than they already are? Well apparently so. According to a recent e-mail a few of the crew members at Hack Canada received, Telus management has gone as low as censoring TWU (Telecommunications Workers Union) member employees from participating in strike e-mail threads by disconnecting their Internet Service, and suspending them from the company! Furthermore Telus is deliberately blocking *ALL* Telus ISP customers from accessing the TWU/Voices of Change web-site.

Read below at this disgusting censorship on behalf of the E-Slut pigs. Do your part; contact the CRTC (yes, the lapdog), the media (A-Channel, Global, your local newspaper, etc.) and let them know what you think about Telus censorship of not only its employees but of its very own customers. To Darren Entwistle and clowns: your employees and your customers are the ones who keep your company from going bankrupt. They are the ones who allow you rich fucks to buy second homes and fancy cars for your trophy wives. And remember this; you're a publicly traded company. It's only a matter of time before your shareholders decide your company isn't even worth investing in anymore. Don't worry, I see that day coming very soon indeed.

If an employee, customer, or shareholder is reading this message right now: QUIT YOUR JOB AT TELUS AND WORK AT A COMPANY THAT WILL RESPECT YOU, GO WITH COMPETITORS FOR YOUR LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE SERVICE (i.e. FreeWorldTel, Nettwerked Calling Cards *heh heh*, Primus, Veratel, Vonage, etc.), AND INVEST IN A COMPANY THAT ISN'T FUCKING OVER ITS CUSTOMERS & EMPLOYEES!

Read the e-mail below to learn about what Telus is up to...

Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2005 14:11:19 -0700
From: Ryan Barber [rfb@[NOSPAM].**]
Subject: [Fwd: Telus Censorship and You!]
To: theclone

Hey, I'm Long time reader of hackcanada. From what I've read, your crew
is big into freedom and not a big fan of the telcos, So I thought this
might interest you.

My dad is a TWU (Telecommunications Workers Union) member and Telus
employee, He's been promoting and working with the TWU before the
strike. Recently Telus has started to do some really shady shit in
regards to his internet connection. Telus employees have been suspended
for participating in some of his email threads, Telus canceled his
internet connection a day before the strike claiming he was spamming.
For the most part I thought my dad was actually being a paranoid nut.

But now, they've have reached a whole new level. It appears telus is
actually blocking ALL Telus ISP customers from accessing the TWU/Voices
of Change website! This is outrageous and deserves real media attention.
This is censorship at its worst.

I would like to read your opinions on this, or maybe some next steps.

The e-mail from Ryan Barber's dad (a Telus employee)...

*How desperate can Telus get..?*

On a personal level in the last 5 days, Telus has removed my internet
access on the night of a strike. 10 hours later, I believe Telus
purposely made my phone un-useable through double trunking, Now for
everyone else, ermployee or not Telus has now blocked access for
all Telus Home Internet Users to the Voices For Change site.

Voices For Change is a site for TWU members to discuss TWU issue, as an
independant 3rd party.

Many of us have parents, grandparents, or family members, who have fought
to protect our rights to freedom of speech. Many give their lives, and is
not beyond the realm now.

Pls. take a moment to be active and honour your own past.

Shame on those that insult the memories of the past, of lost family who
fought trying to win the right to freedom of speech. Shame on the managers,
and retired managers, and those willing to cross a picket to line their
own pockets... you are the soldiers supporting wrong army.

Shame on Telus for it's complete disrespect for the past and those we lost.


PS: Feel free to write to Darren Entwistle or Karen Radford and tell them
what you think about their attack on a fundamental right within our society.

Please pass this along to anyone you know that wants to protect freedom of
speech. They're are many good ISP's out their that won't take away your
freedom of speech at the drop of a dime to line their own pockets.

This is a Canadian fight NOT a labour/management fight. Please feel free
to post this open letter or to pass it on to others. Canadians have to be
bigger than Corporations.

- Stephen Barber