Telus Warns of Calling Card Fraud Back
October 24, 1996. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

TELUS Corporation has learned that an attempted fraud has taken place in Calgary by a person posing as a TELUS employee. The person telephoned a business customer, asking for the customer's calling card number and personal identification number.

The caller said TELUS, due to the recent name change, needed the information to change the existing calling card. TELUS wants to advise customers that is absolutely NOT the case. Customers should not offer any of this information over the phone.

In the instance reported in Calgary, the customer, after first releasing the information, had second thoughts and notified TELUS about what had happened. The existing card was canceled and a new card was issued to the business customer.

If a customer has released this information over the phone to someone they now believe was operating this type of scam, the number to call to cancel the card is 1-800-561-8888. After canceling, the customer should contact a TELUS customer service representative to receive a new calling card.

TELUS will not, under any circumstances, ask to change a customer's calling card by asking for the number and personal identification number over the phone.