Lord Phungus Objects to Telus' Internet Service Usage Agreement Back

[Note: Telus sent Lord Phungus a copy of this agreement for their internet dial-up service after he signed up.]

Lord Phungus 10/29/97

Below you will find my reply to a message telus sent...

> 15.Copyrighted material may not be uploaded without the permission of
> the owner(s) or person(s) they specifically authorize. >If you place
> information, software or any other content in a public area, by doing
> so, you agree that you have thereby granted TELUS the irrevocable and
> unrestricted right to copy, distribute, edit, delete, publish and
> translate such information.

Alright, let's see if I have gotten this right... I make interesting images, and write some custom java applets, place them on my PUBLIC web page. You then can copy, use and re-dist them without my permission?

> 21.TELUS reserves the right to monitor any and all communications and
> activity through or with the TELUS PLAnet service to ensure adherence
> to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

So if I were to purchase something with a credit card, you will collect this data with a packet sniffer or something along those lines? Do cache or backup or keep a record of all ip traffic?

> 24.TELUS reserves the right to prohibit, remove and/or block access
> to any content or Internet capability, including any pages, Usenet
> newsgroup and/or IRC channel, at any time for any reason, including
> those which contain:
>        a.hyperlinks to material TELUS deems inappropriate; and

What exactly does TELUS deem appropriate? This is more or less open ended.

>        b.material which promotes or induces illegal activity.

Conviction based on thought crimes. To read something is not to do something. This too is open ended, in that one could assume if I was browsing the NRA website, that I was likely to purchase a gun, and with a gun I could rob the local 7-11... Thus NRA is out...

I must admit that I am not too keen on these passages. But what do I have to fear, when your newserver contains 2000 message headers dating a month back in alt.binaries.pictures.erotica.pre-teen (aka pedo stuff) and less than 400 in alt.2600 (aka hack/phone_realated stuffs). I get from this that it is ok in your opinon to dl pictures deemed vile by, well, just about everybody... But don't read that telco subversive stuff or we will axe you.

Perhaps I switched providers too quickly.

[Note: Lord Phungus was promptly ignored.]

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