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AOL Crap

I do not use AOL. I never have and I hope that I never will. It is rather difficult, therefore to find out what these files do, what versions of AOL they work with etc. Don't even bother sending me mail about them.

Again I don't use AOL so It is hard to test these to find out what they do.

A shitload of Hell Patches for AOL 2.7. Again I don't use AOL but people tell me that these are wicked cool. I wonder if anything on AOL can actually be described as "wicked cool".

Fools AOL into thinking you are always in the free area so you don't get charged. I have been told this works with versions up to and including 2.6 maybe even later versions. It is extremely unlikely we will see many more versions of this program as the author might be sentenced to up to 5 years in JAIL and fined up to $250,000! Just for writing a program! What a sad day it is when a software author is thrown in jail for practicing his craft. Being found guilty of FRAUD is one thing but this 'news' article says he was found guilty of WRITING a program! With that logic, weapons manufacturers should go to jail for all the murders they cause.

An extension for use with AOL. Allows Unlimited Free Downloads in the background.

A text file describing how to get Staff Access on AOL. Why anyone would even want regular access let alone Staff Acess on AOL is beyond me.

A utility by Ce0 that will allow you to get 'Staff Access' on AOL. I assume that Staff Access is somehow better than real access, but then this is AOL. How good can the access be?

Prevents the downloading of Art Work on AOL. If you are paying for access by the second this can come in handy.

DAK 4.0.sit.bin
I have no idea.

DAK 5.0.sit.bin
Anyone have any idea what these DAK things do?

Here's another one. Looks like this one is similar to Art Valve and prevents Art downloads.

Again, I have little or no idea. Sorry.

Allows you to place download items in the background on E_World. Since E_World no longer exists I don't know how useful this is.

A bunch of Macros in Quickeys format for use with AOL.

A Mass mailing utility for AOL.

The original AOHell for Mac. Includes AOLAid, a card generator, and a few Macros.

More AOL Hell shit.

A Control Panel with lots of Macros for Use with AOL.

Ignores Dice rolls in AOL chat rooms

Online God Tools. Another AOL Hell program

This will get you an OverHead account. I have no idea what that is but I assume if you use AOL then you do.

And another. I don't use AOL so I don't know what all these things do.

Yet another Hell program for use with AOL.

From the Read Me...
Try Again! will try to sign on to AOL with a chosen screen name by trying each password in a previously created list.
Guess Again! will try to sign on to AOL using a randomly generated password. Makes repeated attempts. The screen name to be used is selected by user input via a dialog box.
Looks like a brute force password hacker for AOL. woo woo.

More AOL Hell programs


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