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Excellent Text File on How to crack Mac software. This is the original file. Rescued by Ole Buzzard.

Requires ResEdit. An Fkey to change resources on the Fly. From Free America.

A pretty decent tutorial on how to crack. Covers several diffrent protection schemes with sample programs to try to crack.

Tons of cheat codes for all your favorite warez! Also includes ResEdit hacks to make your self invisible, unlimited lives, God modes, etc.... A must have for the serious gamer!

Copy Console games from SNES and Sega. This program may require additional hardware.

Well done manual on how to use debuggers.

Debugger & MacNosy.sit
The MacNosy PPC dissasembler with the Debugger debugger all in one package.

Transfers decimal values to hex values.

Removes protection of HyperCard stacks. You'd be surprised what was written in HyperCard, Myst for example.

Erases the Data Forks of some files.

An extension to fool ResEdit into editing the Data Forks of Files.

A utility to erase the data or resource forks of a file.

(From the ReadME...)Fork Off does this: it eliminates the resource fork from any file that is fed to it. It will eat files of any type, and it is very fast.

(From the ReadMe...) HackIt! is a resource comparison and patching utility. It is similar to well-known ResCompare, but creates small .hck files instead of huge (about 45K) applications.

A hexdump viewer and editor. Allows insertion and deletion of bytes from the data or resource forks.

Another must have for the beginner. A well written file with step by step inscructions on how to Crack your favorite Mac programs.

Edits resource forks as well as data forks. A great companion to ResEdit.

Janus 0.1.sit
Very good PPC dissasembler.

(From the first paragraph...)This tutorial is for people who have no idea how to crack programs and have no idea how to program anything. It contains a description of the assembly language commands usually used to crack, a description of the software tools used to crack, and an illustration of the technique of cracking. The illustrative technique gives an example of cracking a program that displays an annoying "Register Me" message and requests a registration code. However, the information given should be extensible to any cracking situation. This tutorial should give a novice enough information to crack a program of average difficulty.

MacsBug 6.5.3.sit
The classic and probably the best Macintosh debugger around.

macsbug how to.sit
Another nice Macsbug tutorial.

Wicked cool program that will automatically break the protection on many programs. An Automatic Cracker!

Another Ole Buzzard file. This one describes how to crack the demo version of Net Phone.

Gives you more lives, higher scores, invulnerability and tons of other things for many many games.

Disassembles PPC code.

This is from the ReadMe "Everything you kept on asking about the PSX and never found documented. Step by step to PSX disc duping. Tools to use. All the ways to go on the PSX: chips, swap tricks, serial and model numbers. Illustrated." Sounds pretty good to me.

Allows you to use Quark without a Dongle? I didn't know Quark even needed a dongle. I guess it works then.

This is a tiny extension that reinstalls the current debugger every 1/10 of a second. Useful for application who try to bypass the debugger.

New Version! Will compare two resources and find the differences.

The official resource editor from apple, very nice one.

ResEdit 3.0 User's Guide .sit
Well, you may want to download that if you downloaded the previous file...

Secrets of the Debug Meis.sit
Everything you always wanted to know about debuggers but were too lazy to ask.. or just didn't bother asking.

Does everything you always wanted to do with ResEdit but couldn't. The docs say the file was altered with Apples blessing.

(From the ReadMe...) Thieves Tools is a package of two programs, Cheat and Sure Thing, which enable you to do better on games.

TMON 4.0b.sit
I just love that debugger! it has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) with menus and everything.. way cool.

Useful to create updates or cracks.

A long list of cracks for various programs. Not a serial number list but a Crack list. You will probably need ResEdit to use these.

A long list of cracks for various programs. Not a serial number list but a Crack list. You will probably need ResEdit to use these.


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