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areacode-2.1.sit.hqx or
Area Code Change makes it easy to update the phone numbers of entries in your Names application to the latest area code.

(From the ReadMe...) ModemBridge let's you use your Newton's PCMCIA modem or IR port from your desktop machine via a serial connection. Now you can share your Newton's PCMCIA modem with your desktop or laptop computer.

(From the ReadMe...) NetNames(tm) AppleTalk Poll is a simple to use network diagnostic utility that displays and polls named devices on AppleTalk.

This is a PDF file describing software cracking techniques using your Newton.

This is either a web server or a web client for your Newton.

A JollyBox for the Newton! White, silver, red, green, and blue box tones. Includes the original Phoney4Newton text file and a FAQ that describes how to use it.

The purpose of this ware is to provide basic VT100 terminal support for your Newton in a small, fast, inexpensive product.


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