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Internet Tools

AGNetTools 1.0.sit
One of the greatest Macintosh IP tools. Features Port scanning, service scans, services table, ping, whois, finger and much more.

Very good telnet client for the Macintosh, a must have.

An Applescript applet that sends one messages to multiple e-mail addresses.

Forget your FreePPP password? This should be able to help you find it.

Want to run your own Internet server (FTP, Web, IRC, etc...) but your ISP will only give you a dynamic IP address? This will turn your dynamic IP address into a static one.

Allows you to basically take over a Hotline Server and do plenty of other nasty things at will.

68k version of a very good Macintosh IP tool. This one also features TCP activity monitoring.

PPC version of the IP Netmonitor IP Tool.

Keeps your connection alive on ISPs which kills idle connections after a certain amount of time.

MacBlue Telnet.sit
Another telnet client for the Mac.

A Mac MUD (MulitUserDungeon) client. Much better than telnetting into one.

A Mac MUD (MultiUser Dungeon) interface.

(From the ReadMe...) NetRPG is an internet server which lets a group of friends role-play over the net. NetRPG allows players to talk with one another using a mud-like interface, ready weapons, set an armor class, have hit points, store online character sheets, calculate and run combats using initiative rolls, resolve attacks and distribute damage between players and monsters, store and retrieve ASCII maps to facilitate showing exactly where the action is occuring, roll dice either in the open or privately shown to only the player and DM, and allows the DM to fudge attack rolls when a plot line necessitates a critical hit or miss or whatever.
All of these features combine in NetRPG to make live internet role-playing not only possible, but very enjoyable!

Ordine1.sit for OS X
Ordine is a Mac OS X port scanner with a nice GUI.

OTTool 1.0.sit
Another good IP tool.. has some interesting features.

StreamEdit is a utility that allows you to modify a TCP 'stream' or UDP datagrams. It does this by tunnelling the data through itself and then allow you to edit it arbitrarly or use real-time filters. Those filters can modify the data or trigger actions. The main purpose of StreamEdit is security analysis, but it can serve many more. From protocol analysis to intrusion detection testing, possibilities are endless.

xCGI 2.sit
Analyses and, if possible, exploits various bugs in the httpd of various kind of servers. by Logik.


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