An Introduction to the Whacked Mac Archive, from Hack Canada
'Leet 'wares for your ancient Apples

The Whacked Mac Archive was constructed during the time between 1994 and 1998 by Space Rogue. It was originally hosted at LØpht where Space Rogue was a member. When LØpht ceased to exist on December 27, 1999, the Whacked Mac Archive soon followed. Although none of the Hack Canada crew were Mac users at the time, many of us have come to like some of Apple's latest offerings. And though most of the software in this archive will not run on modern Macs without emulation, we still believe these old files are of value to many people.

I've cleaned up most of the HTML around here (sorry, Space Rogue, but the 1990's code was getting a little crufty) and reorganized the files. Otherwise, the archive remains as it was.

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