Glossary of Bell Canada Products and Services: A to C
Bell Canada, 1998

See Automated Billing Service.

Advanced Intelligent Network services; AIN services
French: services réseau intelligent évolué
Services (jointly offered by Stentor and Bell Atlantic) which enable telephone companies to conceive, create, test and deploy new revenue-producing, customized services quickly and cost-effectively.

Advantage 800(TM)
French: Avantage 800(MC)
A portfolio of 800 services offered by the owner companies of the Stentor Alliance which include: Advantage 800 Entry, Advantage 800 Gold, Advantage 800 International and Advantage 800 service options. The services enable business customers with operations in both Canada and the U.S. to receive incoming direct-dialed calls from points within Canada and the U.S. (including Hawaii and Alaska), at no charge to the caller. Customers with operations in both countries can answer calls from their customers at any of their locations, regardless of the country from which the calls originate.

Depending on the time and day, customers receive discounts of either 10 or 30 per cent applicable to Advantage 800 calls received outside the regular business hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Advantage 800 Entry(TM)
French: Avantage 800 PME(MC)
Similar to Advantage 800 service, Advantage 800 Entry service is designed for small businesses. While customers pay a monthly subscription fee, no monthly minimum usage commitment is required. Volume and time-of-day discounts apply.

Advantage 800 Gold(TM)
French: Avantage 800 Or(MC)
A service option that allows customers with a minimum of 40,000 minutes of national monthly Advantage 800 usage to benefit from flat-rate, per-minute charges.

Advantage 800 International(TM)
French: Avantage 800 InternationalMC
Similar to domestic Advantage 800 services, this service allows customers to provide free long distance calling from more than 30 overseas locations to their 1-800 numbers. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee per country for each of their 800 numbers. Per-minute usage rates (based on the country from which the calls originate) also apply.

Advantage 800 Plus(TM)
French: Avantage 800 Plus(MC)
A portfolio of eleven 800 service features that help Canadian businesses enhance market coverage, develop new markets, improve productivity and market resources more efficiently.

Advantage 800(TM) service
French: Service Avantage 800(MC)
An 800 service in which customers commit to a monthly bill minimum of $150.00 per Advantage 800 number to which they may receive calls from both Canada and the U.S.

Advantage 900(TM)
French: Avantage 900(MC)
A marketing and communications service that allows callers to dial 900-prefixed numbers to obtain information and/or respond to an offer or request, on a pay-as-you-use basis. For example, callers can dial Advantage 900 numbers to receive the latest news, to obtain help while using their computer or to show their support for a political candidate.

Information providers whose Advantage 900 programs qualify under the CRTC's guidelines for program content can arrange with Bell to have their Advantage 900 calls billed directly to their telephone bills.

Advantage(TM) Entry
French: Avantage(MC) PME
An Advantage Entry service option designed for smaller businesses. Customers who spend a minimum of $70 a month on direct-dialed and Bell Calling Card phone card long distance calls can save between 20 and 40 per cent on average when compared with regular long distance rates. If, during a particular month, an Advantage Entry customer spends more than $200 in eligible long distance calls, Bell will automatically apply its Advantage Entry service rates to ensure customers (i.e., those who have individually billed accounts) receive maximum savings.

Advantage Vision*
French: Avantage Vision*
A national long distance service with invoicing and reporting options, numerous savings packages and flexible long distance cost control and management features. Overall savings range from 30 to 60 per cent when compared with regular long distance rates. National billing and reporting is available for all locations served by the owner companies of the Stentor Alliance. Customers can track and control their long distance expenditures more efficiently, through receipt of multiple billing and management reports.
* Advantage is a trademark of Bell Canada. Vision is a mark of MCI Communications Corporation used under license.

Advantage Vnet(TM)
French: Avantage Réseau Virtuel(MC)
A virtual corporate network service which provides features and capabilities similar to a private or dedicated network but which uses Stentor's national digital switched network. The service enables business customers to create, customize and control their own unique corporate-wide network, and to interconnect their Canadian virtual corporate network with others in the U.S. Features include: customized dialing plans; customer-defined usage reporting to assist with better cost allocation and control; and managed network capabilities.

AIN services
See Advanced Intelligent Network services.

French: AIR MILES*
A multi-sponsored coalition market program offering customers travel-mile rewards for purchasing an ongoing subscription to telecommunications company and other retailers' products and services.
*Trademark of AIR MILES International Holdings N.V. Loyalty Management Group Canada Inc., used under license.

Automated Billing Service (ABS)
French: service de facturation automatique (SFA)
A service which uses voice-recognition computer technology to assist Touch-Tone telephone customers to bill "0+" (i.e., collect, billed-to-a-third-number, Calling Card phone card and Call-Me Card) calls in the manner they choose. Customers residing in areas where operator service is available in French and English (Québec, Ottawa and Northern Ontario), can choose the official language in which they would like to be served. Person-to-person calls and calls from rotary dial telephones must still be handled by an operator.

French: Sirius(MC)
An initiative in which Bell Canada and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance have agreed to pool their resources to upgrade their local, regional and national networks to bring enhanced, interactive data, image and video service to Canadians.

Bell Neutral Answer Service (BNAS)
French: Centre de réponse 9-1-1 Bell
A bureau operated by specially trained Bell Canada operators who answer 9-1-1 emergency calls in Ontario and Québec, determine the nature of the emergency, and redirect the call to the appropriate agency. (See Section 1: 9-1-1.)

Bell Relay Service (BRS)
French: Service de relais Bell (SRB)
Enables hard of hearing and deaf people to communicate with hearing people (and vice versa) anywhere in the world by telephone. Using a Text-telephone (TTY), the deaf can communicate with non-TTY users via an operator relay service. Specially trained operators connect the two parties and, when the calling party's message is received, the relay operator types it on a computer terminal. The message will then appear on the deaf person's TTY screen or, if the deaf person is sending the message, the operator will relay it verbally to the hearing person. The same procedure is followed when the called party replies. (See TTY.)

Bell Rewards&(TM)
French: InterPoints(MC)
Bell Real Plus savings plan replaced Bell Rewards in September 1994. (See Real Plus.)

Between Friends(TM)
French: InterAmi(MC)
A Bell Canada long distance service that offers flat rate, bulk-buying for customer-dialed long distance calls. Customers whose calls are not covered under Between Friends, may enroll in the Bell Real Plus savings plan. (See Real Plus.)

See Bell Neutral Answer Service.

See Bell Relay Service.

Business Office
French: Service à la clientèle
In the province of Québec, the Bell Canada Business Office deals directly with the public through its service representative offices and its Téléboutique stores. Its representatives handle all customer requests (e.g., sales/service orders, billing information, etc.) (See Customer Service Centre; Téléboutique.)

Busy Call Return
French: Recomposition continue
A pay-per-use service that is available wherever Bell SmartTouch services are offered. Busy Call Return redials the telephone number of the last call made, whether or not it was answered. To use the service, the customer dials *66 (Touch-Tone phone) or 1166 (rotary dial phone) then hangs up. The system will monitor the line for the next 30 minutes and, if the line becomes free, will inform the customer through a distinctive signal. When the customer lifts the receiver, the call will be placed automatically. (See pay-per-use; SmartTouch.)

busy line interrupt
French: interruption sur occupation de ligne
A service in which customers who, when placing calls (e.g., in emergency situations) encounter a busy signal, request that the line be interrupted by an operator. On interrupting the call, the operator informs the party that another caller is trying to reach them.

busy line verification
French: vérification d'occupation de ligne
A service in which customers who, when placing calls (e.g., in emergency situations) encounter a busy signal, ask an operator to verify that the line is busy.

Call Answer
French: TéléRéponse(MC)
A Bell SmartTouch service that automatically routes calls to a subscriber's voice mailbox when a telephone line is busy or not answered. The caller will hear a personal greeting and will have an opportunity to leave a message. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Answer - Extension option
French: TéléRéponse(MC) - option Multi-usagers
A Bell SmartTouch service that automatically routes calls and takes messages, for up to four members of a household, when they are on the telephone, away from home or do not wish to answer a call. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Answer - Voice Mail option
French: TéléRéponse(MC) - option Courrier vocal
A Bell SmartTouch service available to residence and individual-line business customers that enables users to send messages directly to other Call Answer, Call Answer - Extension option or Call Answer - Voice Mail option users without ringing the recipient's telephone. Recipients are advised that a message is waiting either through a flashing light on the telephone (if it is equipped with a message waiting indicator) or through an interrupted dial tone (a series of short dial tones). (See SmartTouch.)

Call blocking
French: blocage de l'affichage du nom et du numéro du demandeur
A process that prevents the visual display and/or voice announcement of an incoming caller's telephone number and/or name. (See per-call blocking; per-line blocking; "Private Name" message.)

Call Display
French: Afficheur
A Bell SmartTouch service which enables customers who have a visual display screen to see the telephone number and name (if subscribing to Call Display - Name and number) of the person calling them before they answer the telephone. The name and/or number are displayed between the first and second telephone ring. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Display - Name and number
French: Afficheur - Nom et numéro
A Bell SmartTouch service which enables customers who have a telephone or add-on unit with a visual display screen to see the name and telephone number of the person calling them before they answer the telephone. The name and phone number of the caller is displayed between the first and second ring. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Display - Number
French: Afficheur - Numéro
A Bell SmartTouch service which enables customers who have a telephone or add-on unit with a visual display screen to see the telephone number of the person calling before they answer the telephone. The phone number of the caller is displayed between the first and second ring. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Forwarding
French: Renvoi automatique
A Bell SmartTouch service which enables customers to have their calls transferred, wherever they are, to a telephone where they can be reached. (See SmartTouch.)

Call-Me Card(TM)
French: Carte Invitation(MC)
Allows residence and small business customers to place calls to a single number and have the charges billed to that same number.

Call Messenger(TM)
French: Messageur(MC)
A caller-controlled, pay-as-you-use voice messaging service which enables customers making direct long distance calls to send a message when they encounter a busy signal or there is no answer. The person they are trying to reach does not require an answering machine or a subscription to a voice messaging service. Call Messenger is being offered initially in May 1997 and will cover most of Ontario and Québec by September 1997.

Call Return
French: Mémorisateur
A Bell SmartTouch service that enables customers to automatically re-dial the last incoming or outgoing call. If the called line is busy, the network will scan the line for up to 30 minutes and will alert the customer by means of a special ring, when the line is free. If the customer misses a call, they can dial a special code and the number of the last person who called them will automatically be dialed. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Screen
French: Sélecteur
A Bell SmartTouch service which allows the called party to divert up to 12 telephone numbers of their choice to a special recording that tells callers that the party they have reached has chosen not to take their call at this time. Numbers can be added or deleted at any time. (See SmartTouch.)

Call Trace
French: Dépisteur
A service that enables customers to have the telephone number of threatening or repeatedly harassing calls recorded by Bell. Should the customer wish to take action against a caller, they should call the police. The telephone number traced is given only to the police and only if proper legal authorization is obtained. Call Trace is available, wherever technically possible, on a pay-per-use basis.

Call Waiting
French: Appel en attente
A Bell SmartTouch service which advises a person who is on the telephone that another call is waiting, through a soft beep on the line. A customer can put the first caller on hold while they answer another call. They can then return to the first call. (See SmartTouch.)

Calling Card
French: Carte d'appel
A phone card that enables residence and business customers to make long distance calls and have the charges billed to their home or office telephone numbers. The Calling Card phone card is provided, upon request, at no charge.

Canada Direct*
French: Canada Direct*
A free service offered by Bell Canada, and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance, and Teleglobe Canada Inc. which allows Canadian travelers to communicate with Canadian telephone operators when calling home from more than 37 participating countries.
*Trademark of Teleglobe Canada Inc.

Centrex IVMS
French: système de messagerie vocale intégrée Centrex
A network-based integrated voice messaging service available to Centrex III customers. (See Centrex III; I.V.M.S.; MessageManager.)

Centrex III
French: Centrex III
A central office-based lease service, designed for customers requiring a minimum of two lines, that can be easily expanded to meet customer growth demands. The service offers a wide range of features, such as voice messaging, Call Waiting and Three-Way Calling. (See Call Waiting; Three-Way Calling.)

custom appointment
French: rendez-vous sur mesure
A service for residential and single-line business customers in which they may request an appointment for installation, repair, etc. within a specific time interval or after normal business hours (e.g., an evening appointment). Customers will be charged for custom appointments when installation work is done after normal business hours. There is no extra charge for repair calls that are made after normal business hours.

Customer Service Centre
French: Service à la clientèle
In the province of Ontario, the Bell Canada Customer Service Centre deals directly with the public through its service representative offices and its Phonecentre stores. Its representatives handle all customer requests (e.g., sales/service orders, complaints, billing information, etc.). (See Business Office; Phonecentre.)

Customer Visit charge
French: frais de visite chez le client
A component of Bell Canada's Multi-Element Service Charge. This charge applies when a Bell technician is dispatched to a customer's residence or place of work to complete a service request. (See Multi-Element Service Charge.)

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