Glossary of Bell Canada Products and Services: D to Q
Bell Canada, 1998

French: Datapac(MC)
Stentor's public data communications network that is designed specifically for data transmissions. Datapac uses technology called packet switching, which allows customers to transmit "packets" of data (up to 256 bytes per packet) at maximum speeds of 56 kbps, on a pay-as-you-use basis. The service is designed for customers who need to transmit data over the network on a regular basis throughout the day and/or who need to receive responses quickly. Typical applications include point-of-sale transactions, computer file transfers, personal banking services and inventory control. (See HyperStream.)

French: Dataroute(MC)
Stentor's dedicated data service that provides medium and large business customers with end-to-end digital data communications on a point-to-point, multi-drop and multi-point/drop basis, at transmission speeds of up to 56 kbps. Typical applications include data collection, information and text retrieval, and file transfer systems. As it is a "dedicated service", customers lease the network capacity they require on a flat-rate basis.

See Digital Channel Service.

Digital Channel Service (DCS)
French: service de voie numérique (SVN)
A dedicated digital service that allows customers to transmit data locally between two (point-to-point) or more (multi-point) locations in the same or adjoining exchanges.

Digital Network Access (DNA)
French: accès au réseau numérique (ARN)
A national generic access service that provides customers with a single network access for their subrate DS-1 (speeds of up to 56 kbps) Megaplan services. The service offers customers a common set of features and consistent rates on a national basis. (See Megaplan.)

directory assistance
French: assistance-annuaire
A telephone company information service that provides telephone numbers.

See Digital Network Access.

See Extended Area Service.

enhanced telecommunications service
French: service de télécommunications évolué
A service with additional communications capabilities which is developed from other telecommunications services by the addition of hardware, software, and labour in a mix other than that required merely to combine and/or subdivide the component services.

Envoy 100(TM)
French: Envoy 100(MC)
An electronic messaging service offered by Bell and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance.

Extended Area Service (EAS)
French: service régional (SR); le régional
A local telephone service arrangement whereby customers in one exchange may call or be called by customers in one or more nearby exchanges, without incurring a long distance charge. Approximately 99 per cent of Bell Canada customers have some form of EAS. (See Section 1: community of interest.)

French: FaxCom(MC)
A discount plan offered to Bell customers which provides savings of 35 per cent on average over regular long distance rates on facsimile transmissions that terminate in Canada, the U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) and overseas locations.

GM Card(TM) * Earnings Program
French: programme Carte GM*(MC)
A program jointly offered by Bell and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance and General Motors of Canada Limited, in which residential telephone customers have an opportunity to accumulate five per cent of their eligible monthly long distance charges towards their GM Card Partner Bonus Earnings. The GM Card Partner Bonus Earnings can be applied towards leasing or purchasing a new GM car, truck or van.
* Trademark of General Motors Corporation, TD licensed user

French: ALLÔ!(MC)
A prepaid card with a pre-determined monetary value which allows customers to place long distance calls by dialing an 800 number.

French: Hyperpac*
A national data network service designed to connect local area networks (LANs) located in different geographical areas, acting, in effect, as a wide area network (WAN). The service allows business customers to transmit large "packets" of data (up to 4,092 bytes) at speeds of 1.544 mbps on a pay-as-you-use basis, using the telephone company's public network. (See Datapac.)
*Trademark of MCI

French: Appel personnalisé
A Bell SmartTouch service that provides individual-line residence and business customers with a distinctive ring of their telephone, distinguishing the calls of different members of a household. Up to three different telephone numbers with three different rings are available on a single line. (See SmartTouch.)

French: iNet(MC)
This network-based information service offered through Bell and the other owner companies of Stentor provides users with a single point of entry access to hundreds of electronic databases and information sources.

French: M.V.I.(MC)
A voice messaging service available to Touch-Tone telephone customers which consists of a number of features including Call Answer - Voice Mail option. Call Answer - Voice Mail option picks up, replies to, and sends copies of messages to the mailboxes of other voice mail users without the telephone ringing. (See MessageManager; Call Answer - Voice Mail option.)

French: Lanscape(MC)
A family of LAN (local area network) products that can be used interchangeably to provide custom-tailored solutions for personal computer connectivity and communications. These include: the sharing of information, printers and modems; enabling equipment to communicate with mainframes and the public data network; and office services, such as Envoy 100 and iNet. (See Envoy 100; iNet.)

Last Call Return
French: Rappel dernier numéro
A pay-per-use service that is available wherever Bell SmartTouch services are offered. It allows customers to return the last call they received. To use the service, the customer dials *69 (Touch-Tone phone) or 1169 (rotary-dial phone). The system announces the number of the last call received and makes it possible to dial it back by pressing or dialing "1". If the line is busy, the customer hangs up. The system can monitor the called line for up to 30 minutes, and will notify the customer, through a distinctive tone, when the line is free. When the telephone receiver is lifted after the Last Call Return signal, the call is placed automatically. (See pay-per-use; SmartTouch.)

French: Megalink(MC)
One of two Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) access services intended to provide digital connection to the public switched telephone network and Advantage 800 service. Megalink is targeted to medium and large business customers with digital Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs), host computers and large data applications. Customers can transmit voice, data and image simultaneously over an integrated access for end-to-end digital connectivity. (See Advantage 800 service; Section 1: Private Branch Exchange.)

French: Mégaplan(MC)
A portfolio of services that provides customers with flexible and powerful high-speed dedicated digital private line services, which are designed to link together all of their company locations nationwide. The Megaplan portfolio consists of two services: Megaroute and Megastream. (See Megaroute; Megastream.)

French: Mégaroute(MC)
A high-volume network used and maintained by large customers (e.g., banks) that transmits voice, data and image messages at 1.544 megabits per second.

French: Megastream(MC)
A high-volume network used by medium and large customers for applications, such as inventory management, that transmits voice, data and image messages at 64 kilobits per second. The customer's end-to-end network is maintained by Bell and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance.

French: Meridian*
Northern Telecom's line of digital communications systems for information management which offers a variety of sophisticated voice and data services.
*Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited

See Multi-Element Service Charge.

French: TéléMessagerie d'affaires(MC)
A voice messaging service which provides Centrex customers with two types of voice messaging: voice mail and telephone answering. Voice mail allows customers to send, receive and respond to messages left by other MessageManager mailbox users. Telephone answering forwards incoming calls to a voice mailbox, even when all telephone lines are in use. The national networking MessageManager feature allows subscribers to exchange voice messages on a long distance basis with any other MessageManager customer located in Canada.

French: Microlink(MC)
One of two Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) access services intended for Centrex customers and small and medium business customers. It provides access from users' desktop computers to virtually every network service provided by the telephone companies. Examples of its applications include desktop dial-up videoconferencing and simultaneous voice and data (computer screen to computer screen) conferencing. (See Section 1: Integrated Services Digital Network.)

French: Millennium*
A product line consisting of three public telephone sets developed by Bell Canada and Northern Telecom Limited. These sets include: the cardreader, which accepts credit cards and calling cards; the universal, which accepts credit cards and coins; and the coin-only version.
*Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited

Multi-Element Service Charge (MESC)
French: frais de service composés (FSC)
Bell Canada's various service charges associated with providing telephone service for single-line residence and business customers. These include: the Service Connection charge; Service Connection and Visit charge; Order Processing charge; On-Site Work Activity charge; and Customer Visit charge. (See each of these charges for definitions.)

National Centrex Services(TM) (NCS)
French: Services Centrex nationaux(MC) (SCN)
A portfolio of business communications services which offers enhanced voice, data and networking capabilities. Centrex offers customers in each Stentor owner company a common name; service definition; rate structure; features; and contract terms and conditions.

national numbering service for the deaf
See 7-1-1.

See National Centrex Services.

976 Service
French: Service 976
An intra-NPA (area code) public announcement service designed to allow message sponsors to provide, for a fee, live, passive or interactive public announcement messages to telephone customers.

French: Norstar*
A system designed by Northern Telecom Limited which offers full digital integration and is equipped with many user-friendly systems. Standard features include: liquid crystal display (LCD); handsfree; call forwarding; three-way teleconferencing, etc.
*Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited

On-Site Work Activity charge
French: frais de travaux sur les lieux
A component of Bell Canada's Multi-Element Service Charge. Residence and business customers would pay this charge -- when a technician is dispatched to their residence or place of work -- for each activity that is performed (e.g., moving a jack, telephone line, etc.). (See Multi-Element Service Charge.)

Order Processing charge
French: frais de traitement des commandes
A component of Bell Canada's Multi-Element Service Charge. Residence and business customers would pay this charge when they request work that does not require a visit to their residence or place of work (e.g., directory change). (See Multi-Element Service Charge.)

French: paiement à l'utilisation
Pay-per-use allows customers to pay for occasional use of certain Bell SmartTouch services, rather than subscribing to such services on a monthly basis. These services include Last Call Return, Busy Call Return and, although not promoted as a pay-per-use service, Call Trace. (See Busy Call Return; Call Trace; Last Call Return; SmartTouch.)

per-call blocking
French: blocage par appel; blocage par appel de l'affichage du nom et du numéro du demandeur
A privacy option available to most customers free of charge. By dialing *67 before the telephone number, callers are able to prevent their telephone number from being seen by customers who subscribe to Call Display - Name and number. Bell Canada is equipping all individual-line residence and business lines with per-call blocking where it is technically possible to do so. (See Call Display - Name and number; Call Display - Number.)

per-line blocking
French: blocage par ligne; blocage par ligne de l'affichage du nom et du numéro du demandeur
A permanent privacy option, available free of charge, which blocks both name and telephone number automatically, on all outgoing calls, except those to the operator and to 9-1-1 emergency services. Per-line blocking is available to shelters for victims of domestic violence, public law enforcement agencies, community health centres, crisis lines and social service agencies. It is also available to victims and potential victims of violence, and to customers in areas where it is not yet technically possible to offer per-line blocking.

French: Phonecentre(MC)
A Bell retail store operating within the province of Ontario that sells residential and individual-line business products and services from Bell and other suppliers. (See Téléboutique.)

French: AccèsTotal*
A network-based service that allows customers to be reached anywhere, anytime, making it possible for them to manage their communications from any location. Customers are assigned a personal number that can be programmed from any Touch-Tone telephone, including cellular sets.
*Trademark of AccessLine Technologies, Inc.

"Private Name" message
French: message « NOM CONFID »
A privacy option (available free of charge) that allows customers to replace permanently their name with the message "Private Name", which is seen by called parties who subscribe to Call Display - Name and number. The caller's telephone number will still be seen unless an additional blocking option, such as per-call blocking, has been used. (See Call Display - Name and Number; Call Display - Number; per-call blocking.)

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