Glossary of Bell Canada Products and Services: R to Z
Bell Canada, 1998

Real Plus(TM)
French: InterMax(MC)
A long distance savings plan which provides Bell Canada residential customers who spend a minimum of $15 a month on eligible long distance charges with a 20 per cent discount on calls to the three telephone numbers in North America they have spent the most on calling in any given month. Customers also receive an automatic 15 per cent discount on all remaining direct-dialed and Bell Calling Card phone card long distance calls anywhere in the world. In addition, customers can accumulate Real Plus rewards, based on their total monthly long distance charges. Customers can choose to apply accumulated points to their long distance phone bills, to collect AIR MILES or to participate in the GM Card Earnings Program. (See AIR MILES; GM Card Earnings Program.)

ring control
French: sélection de sonnerie
A Call Answer feature which allows customers to dial an access code and select the number of times (between two and nine) the telephone will ring before a call is forwarded to their voice mailbox. (See Call Answer.)

Service Connection charge
French: frais de raccordement
A component of Bell Canada's Multi-Element Service Charge. Residence customers would pay this charge if work is being done but a visit to their premises is not required (e.g., a customer moves into a dwelling that previously had a telephone line and requests that telephone service be connected).

A business customer would not pay this charge for the first telephone line requested. Rather, this charge would apply to each subsequent line that is ordered at the same time that the first is ordered. (See Multi-Element Service Charge; Service Connection and Visit charge.)

Service Connection and Visit charge
French: frais de raccordement et de visite
A component of Bell Canada's Multi-Element Service Charge. Customers would pay this charge when they request new telephone service in a residence or place of work that has never had a telephone line (e.g., a new house or office building).

Business customers pay this charge for the first requested line. They pay a Service Connection charge for each subsequent line that is ordered at the same time. (See Multi-Element Service Charge; Service Connection charge.)

French: 7-1-1
A national number assignment which allows the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities to use a three-digit number (i.e., 7-1-1) to access relay services from virtually anywhere in Canada.

French: SL-1*
Northern Telecom's family of digital business communications products. The SL-1 itself is an electronic switching system (Private Branch Exchange) for voice and data which can handle from 60 to 5,000 lines. (See Section 1: Private Branch Exchange.)
*Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited

French: Étoiles(MC)
A portfolio of optional calling services that provide individual-line residence and small business customers with increased privacy, security and convenience by giving them greater control over incoming calls. The portfolio includes: Call Answer - Extension option; Call Answer - Voice Mail option; Call Display - Name and number; Call Display - Number; Call Waiting; Call Forwarding; Three-Way Calling; Speed Calling; Ident-A-Call; Call Return; and Call Screen.

See Station Message Detail Recording.

Speed Calling
French: Composition abrégée
A Bell SmartTouch service that allows customers to program and dial the telephone numbers they use most frequently and/or reach emergency numbers quickly by dialing a single digit code. (See SmartTouch.)

French: StarQuote*
A stock and bond market information retrieval service available to Norstar users with the appropriate access code and password. (See Norstar.)
*Trademark of Northern Telecom Limited

Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR)
French: enregistrement des données de communications par poste (EDCP)
A Centrex service option which provides customers with details of all interexchange calls placed from their organizations' locations.

French: Téléboutique(MC)
A Bell retail store operating within the province of Québec that sells residential and individual-line business products and services from Bell and other suppliers. (See Phonecentre.)

French: TéléForum(MC)
A digital form of electronic teleconferencing (i.e., individuals from anywhere in the world can conduct a conference by telephone) offered by the owner companies of the Stentor Alliance. Users can choose between operator-handled or customer-handled conference calls.

French: TéléPlus(MC)
A discount service for customer-dialed long distance calls. TelePlus was replaced by Bell Real Plus in September 1994. (See Real Plus.)

TelePlus Overseas(TM)
French: TéléPlus outre-mer(MC)
A residence long distance service that offers discounts of up to 20 per cent on direct-dialed overseas calls originating in Bell territory and terminating in more than 200 countries, excluding the U.S.

French: Telpak
A Stentor rating concept consisting of bulk-rate, multi-channel paths on a two-point or multi-point basis that can be used for most forms of communication.

Terms of Service
French: Modalités de service
Sets out the basic rights and obligations of Bell Canada and its customers. It was approved by the CRTC on September 25, 1986.

See TTY.

Three-Way Calling
French: Conférence à trois
A Bell SmartTouch service which enables customers to have a telephone conversation (i.e., conference) with up to two other individuals in different locations. (See SmartTouch.)

French: Touch-Tone(MC)
A call set-up service in which a customer touches the keys on a telephone keypad, sending a combination of tones which tell the network what number is being called.

French: RouteCommerce(MC)
An automated communications process that allows organizations using different computer systems to electronically exchange business documents.

TTY (text-telephone)
French: appareil de télécommunications pour sourds (ATS)
A telecommunications device, similar to a portable computer with a small display screen, which enables people with a hearing and/or speech impairment to communicate via typed messages instead of with their ears or voice. TTY users can communicate with other TTY users, as well as non-TTY users, via Bell Relay Service (BRS). (See Bell Relay Service.)

VCN(TM) (Virtual Corporate Network)
French: RVE(MC) (réseau virtuel d'entreprise)
An alternative to a private or dedicated network that uses the national public switched telephone network (PSTN). VCN offers customers the flexibility to tailor their dialing plans to their organization's specific needs. Network intelligence can be used to provide a single national bill customized to meet specific customer requirements, such as detailed billing for a branch, applications or on a company-wide basis. VCN -- which works on a "pay-as-you-use" basis -- also allows customers to manage and control the various telecommunications applications within their organization, such as network monitoring, reporting and traffic analysis. (See Advantage Vnet.)

French: VidéoForum(MC)
A colour video conferencing service provided by Bell and the other owner companies of the Stentor Alliance in which individuals from two or more geographic centres can participate in face-to-face meetings without traveling.

Virtual Corporate Network
See VCN.

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