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2015.03.23: Documents Reveal Canada's Secret Hacking Tactics - Canada's electronic surveillance agency, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE), has secretly developed an arsenal of cyber weapons capable of stealing data and destroying adversaries' infrastructure. They have also covertly hacked into computers across the world to gather intelligence, breaking into networks in Europe, Mexico, the Middle East, and North Africa.
2015.03.06: Canadian faces $20k fine, jail time for refusing to unlock phone - Alain Philippon from Quebec has been detained and charged with "obstructing border officials" after refusing to provide his BlackBerry phone password to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) officers at a Halifax airport.
2015.02.25: Canadian Spies Collect Domestic Emails in Secret Security Sweep - The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is covertly monitoring Canadians' emails.
2015.01.28: LEVITATION: Canada Casts Global Surveillance Dragnet Over File Downloads - Just in case you forgot you were living under American-style fascism in Canada too... Canada's leading surveillance agency is monitoring millions of Internet users file downloads.

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